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Founded year



Ho Chi Minh City


Huynh Phuoc Tho(Co-Founder)


Health Tech


Telemedicine, Digital Healthcare


Online To Offline

Business type

Digital Healthcare Business

Company Briefing

Founded in 2014 , eDoctor technology company with the desire to build a health care system comprehensively through apps on your phone. They strive to perfect the most appropriate and convenient health solutions for their users. Currently, eDoctor has built up a large user community and become a trusted partner of hundreds of businesses in Vietnam.

eDoctor application on smartphone / tablet provides the first active healthcare service in Vietnam. Based on information technology, the eDoctor application makes it easy to connect users and doctors anytime, anywhere. Users can use the app for health advice, medicine & clinics, and other health services.

eDoctor insists that it connected users with more than 500 nurses and over 400 doctors as well as 80 hospitals and clinics across the country. It boasts nearly 100,000 transactions by individual and corporate users. eDoctor has also built a website enabling users to access real-time data about COVID-19.


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